Clipsmoke x Dylan – Dark Ash Beat Tape

Dylan TributeI remember the 1st time i heard a bob dylan song or seen him was on my early years on youtube when he was performing “Hey Mr Tambourine Man” in 1964. i remember the announcer introducing him as a kid who ran away 17 times and brought back home 16 times and that shit stuck with me. Youtube was instrumental in me being obsessed with this guys ability to make a mixture of words literally that arent remotely related sound like it makes a whole lotta sense. peep this niggas wild wordplay strategy here .  with out steering way into outer space with the meaning of this dope ass post. I’ve kind of made it my thing to sample legends and create work around what motivates me when i hear them. i took 6 of my favorite bob dylan songs and flipped em. creating some dope vibes. Stream or Download Via @Datpiff

Clipsmoke x Bob Dylan

“The Dark Ash Beat Tape”

6 Beats Prod. By Clipsmoke flipping his favorite Dylan Songs.

Click Here To Stream / Free Download

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