Shit Producers Go Through 1.0

I have taken a new found oath to myself to be more honest and show the world a few things. By things of course, i mean “Shit Producers Go Through”. These experiences in particular bug me the most. They are the pretty high in the cringe factor for me…..thus i had to share.

  • Patterns

One thing that is always obvious is a persons attitude when it comes to making a transaction. Some people buy a product and walk away satisfied. Others Purchase the product and still feel like you owe them more than what was purchased. And some customers purchase items and hate themselves the next day for spending the money. this thinking process occurs in any business or transaction setting.

  • Crucial Moments

We must always pay attention to the attitude and vibes of a customer before they make their payment before and after. for example. in todays excerpt of Shit producers go through….i have a customer who has purchased beats for years. always a returning customer. but this customer in particular always comes up with some wacky issue the next day. if not, within 48 hours she usually cooks up some insane scenario thats completely untrue. the reason? my assumption is she wants a way to get blessed with more product or get her money back or something. but here are some shots for you to enjoy. read carefully.

Final Word – Im sorry paranoid horny customer where ever you are. i just had 2 share your curiosity this time.




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