All the free beats i have on the internet in one place…

Clipsmoke Production (Links & Shit)

Instrumental Mixtape Collection via Datpiff (All of them are available for  free download n shit.


The Samples Vol. 1 (Hiphop Rap Beats)

The Samples Vol 2 (Hiphop Rap Beats)


Classes With Biggie (Notorious B.I.G Inspired Hiphop Beats)


Legends Collection Series

Prince – The Prince Tape (Beats Inspired by prince music etc)


David Bowie – David Whoahee (Beats Inspired by David Bowie Music)


Michael Jackson – Shiny Things (Beats Inspired by M Jackson songs)


Bob Dylan – The Dark Ash Beat Tape (Inspired by bob  Dylan)


Spotify Links

Kill Streaks Beat Tape- Original War type esque beats.


Chubstep – Digital/ Electro / Dubstep Beats

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