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under construction! if you dont see your shit on here dont get tight. its only me and myself collecting the production data. lets get it!

Clipsmoke AKA Gabriel Rivera Is a producer from New York. Producing since he was young. His skills and variety speak for themselves. This site will provide the people with a glimpse of what an “unsigned” producer/artist with talent has to offer. Clipsmoke has worked on short films, full length college features, albums, mixtapes, and with many artist. The Genres of music are endless and the quality is obscene.


Chino Flow

  • El Mismo Lugar
  • Me Robo El Corazon
  • Problema
  • Que Te Importa
  • Survival Feat. Clipsmoke, Canqui
  • Whats Good Feat. Clipsmoke


Chris Rivers

  • Born For This



  • Goodbye
  • Junkie Feat. Kaycie
  • Ganja
  • No Fear
  • Say My Name
  • So Alive Feat. Clipsmoke
  • The Man
  • The One Who Knocks
    • The Leak_EP (Entire project Prod. By Clipsmoke)


Complex Fusion

  • To Be Continued
  • Feelin’ Good (Thanks Luv)
  • Who To Blame
  • Sell My Soul
  • Not For Sale
  • Middle FIngaz Up
  • Jitsu
  • Freakish Origins



  • All For You
  • Stickup
  • Clouded Thoughts
  • Drugs
  • Fully Automatic
  • If You Aint Come To Party Feat. Clipsmoke
  • Niggas Be Like
  • Stickup Anthem
  • Who Im Iz
  • Lookin At Me
    • Classes With B.I.G_LP (Entire Project Prod. By Clipsmoke)


Dkay / Outcrowd

  • Demon Luvr
  • Dont Look Back
  • Earth Shake
  • Falling in the clouds
  • Iceman
  • Look Alive
  • Mr Snake
  • Outcrowd
  • Ozone Cadillac


The Barchitects

  • All Out War
  • Papi Feat. Cortez
  • Homi City Feat. Whispers
  • No Holding Back


Jess Jamez

  • Unruly
  • E.A.D (Eat A Dick)
  • We New York Feat. Money Bagz, J Murda, Bleu Billz
  • The Feeding Feat. Poisen Pen
  • Give No Fucks
  • In Stereo
  • Still Sleep
  • Fuck Your Feelings
  • The Pain
  • Hot Fire Feat. Al Be Back


Oboy Money

  • Attention all hoes
  • Beat like scrambled eggs
  • Dat bullshit
  • Get low
  • Hog Tie Em
  • Make Music Feat. Clipsmoke
  • No Hippie
  • Gettin Money
  • Bike LIfe
  • Come Back Kid
  • G Ride
  • Takin Over The World Feat. Clipsmoke


Sam Scarfo

  • Break some change off Feat. Tax G
  • Dope Deala
  • Highest Mountain Feat. Badazz
  • Mattress
  • Just Counting Feat. Strapz
  • Wit It Feat. Ransom

Sick Since

  • 187 On Illuminati Cop
  • Self Salvation


$keem Team

  • Black Rose
  • Unofficial



  • Bring The Bottles
  • The Life


Tayda Lebon

  • No More Mr Nice Gay
  • Just Like You



  • Im Bumpin
  • When She On That



  • They Want
  • Visions
  • In Due Time Feat. Clipsmoke


Wise L.O.S

  • Intelligence
  • World is Weird
  • Don’t Judge Me


Other / Misc.

  • Siena – Trust Me
  • Luck / Louguz – Suicide Note
  • Red Cafe / Maino – That’s You
  • Jus Daze – Superman’s Dead / Reflection
  • Beast Corps – Thats How We Roll
  • Kid Jemeni – Flip It

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  1. Your beats speak for themselves. They are varied, clean cut and makes anyone wanna jump on the floor and dance! Like one of the judges said: YOU’RE RADIO READY my friend!!! All the way to the top and not a chance to look back now!

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