Personal Favorites

there is only a few select song choices i have when you get into that irritable – wandering, thought wondering, motivational crushing, unbearable stream of conscious that helps you lean towards the “idk” abyss. if you dont understand that first sentence, then this post or even the thought behind this post ain’t for you son! […]

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Monophobic Manifesto

theres a loneliness that surrounds me at certain parts of the day, it eats at me. i feel defenseless to the emotional distress it brings me. at random times of the day i find my body, heart, mind, and soul at war. i’ve never been on my own completely until now. i moved to atlanta […]

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a rabbits purpose

when is the last time you actually felt free? let me refrain that. when is the last time you felt alive? felt like a human being? felt actual feelings. genuine feelings. im not talking none of that dopamine activating bullshit you see on tv or hear on the radio. im talking GENUINE conscious free happiness. […]

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